e-Pro Super Enzyme (12 + 2 Sachets)

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Do you need to: reduce bulging tummy? lower cholesterol? improve digestive health? detox & energize? reduce acidity in your body? or just simply to feel energized and look awesome?


ePro is the perfect solution for you!


No Added Sugar! No Preservative! Nutritious! Delicious All-Natural Suitable for diabetic & vegetarian


ePro Functional Enzyme Drink

Healthy Body

Healthy Mind


Anti aging Reduces cholesterol Rich in anti-oxidants

All natural ingredients Promotes clear complexion Reduces body fat and toxicity

Rich in amino acids Improves blood circulation

Prevents stress and fatigue Supports weight management

Promotes energy and metabolism Prevents  flatulence and soothes stomach


Radix Cynanchi Auriculati 牛皮消 Cassia Fistula Linn 臘腸樹果實(含番瀉苷) Lemon Juice Extract 檸檬果汁粉

Cassia Semen 決明子 Multi-­enzymes 綜合酵素 Burdock 牛蒡

Round Cabbage 高麗菜 Long Cabbage 白菜 Celery 芹菜

Spinach 菠菜 Parsley 荷蘭芹 Broccoli 花椰菜

Fruit & Vegetables Enzyme Complex 綜合蔬果萃取物

Yam 洋芋 Ginger 生薑 Black Fungus 黑木耳 Green Papaya 青木瓜

Pineapple 鳳梨 Mulberry 桑葚 Bromelain 鳳梨萃取物

Hawthorn Leaves 山楂葉 Foeniculi Fructus 小茴香 Lemongrass Extract 檸檬草

Fructooligosaccharides 果寡糖 Spirulina 螺旋藻 Chlorella 綠藻

Probiotics 益生菌 Glucose 葡萄糖 Sucralose 蔗糖素 Maltitol 麥芽糖醇

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